Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 3L Tin



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Taste one of the world's finest cold pressed extra virgin olive oil harvested from villages near the town of Jenin on the West Bank. Use olive oil as a dip with Zataar (Thyme mix) or as a great salad dressing. Size: 3L

  • Maximum 3 per order. This is to avoid damage/leakage during transport.

Important Note in regards to Olive Oil: If you find white cloudy deposits in the Olive Oil you've ordered, please rest assured that these are quite normal. Unlike water, Olive Oil begins to freeze at approximately 7 degrees C. This happens naturally if the Olive Oil is exposed to cold temperatures during winter time, in cold storage or during transport. If you leave the Olive Oil to stand in normal room temperature (about 20 degrees C) for a few days, it will clear up completely.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive oil.

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