• When was Yaffa established?

    Yaffa was established in 2011 by two Palestinian brothers, Dr Ziad and Mr Jafar Abu El Zeet.


    Are your dates organic?

    No, currently we do not have any organic dates in our range.


    Do you grow the dates yourself?

    No, we buy the dates from Palestinian farmers and farming co-operatives.


    Are your dates really from Palestine?

    Yes, 100%. Our dates are grown in Palestinian owned and run farms in the Jericho area. All products we import area guaranteed and certified of Palestinian origin. We safely keep the certificates of origin for every shipment and we share these with any interested parties. We believe that our honesty and transparency has been the main driving forces of our success.


    Are Medjoul dates good for your health?

    Yes, Medjoul dates are a brilliant and natural source of fibre and potassium. They are fat-free and contain no added sugar. Did you know that 3 Medjoul dates have the same amount of potassium as a whole banana?

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    There is a white powder on the dates, is that normal?

    Medjoul dates are very moist and juicy. When the date skin breaks or pores open, the sugar escapes from the date to the outer skin and dries up into a white powder (aka crystallisation). This is simply sugar, and it is safe to consume.

    There is a black, dry powder inside the date, is that normal ?

    The black powder found in Medjoul dates is a type of fungus called Aspergillus. This is caused by high levels of humidity in the atmosphere and the fruit not being adequately ventilated if they happen to be in a tight bunch. This should NOT be consumed.


    In the factory, we have dedicated people on the sorting lines trained to pick out these rotten dates. While it is virtually impossible for the layman to pick these out (as they look exactly the same from the outside as a healthy piece of fruit), nevertheless, these trained individuals do route out the vast majority of such affected dates.


    This is a natural product and International standards allow for a certain percentage of such rot etc. to be present in a batch.


    Do you offer wholesale?

    Yes, we offer wholesale prices to businesses. Please email us at [email protected]



    Is private label available?

    Yes, we offer private label to customer all over the world. Please email us at [email protected]


    What packaging sizes are available?












    What Medjoul date sizes are available?






    Super Jumbo


    What Medjoul date grades are available?


    Grade A (premium)

    Grade B (choice)

    Grade C